GHS Chemical Labeling Compliance Deadline Was December 1, 2015

By: Sipriano Vidales, Business Development | Dec. 4, 2015


Another OSHA deadline has officially come and gone. As of December 1, 2015, all chemical containers should be shipped with GHS-compliant labels. If you are a distributor and you still have stock with non-GHS labels, those labels must be updated. If you are an end user and you receive a container with a noncompliant label after December 1st, you should request a compliant label from the distributor. Are your labels for in-stock items up to date?

GHS compliant labels must include the following:

The signal word
The hazard statement
The precautionary statement
The appropriate pictograms

If you are still working to achieve compliance, Focus Systems™ can help. Our GHS compliant software,
ChemScribe®, allows you to easily create and print chemical labels using the built in label generator, LabelPro™. All the required GHS elements from your SDS automatically export to LablePro® ensuring that your label is GHS compliant. Users can use the pre-designed template included in LabelPro®, or export directly to other print engines (Bartender, Illustrator, Publisher, etc.) for more customized labels. Check out some examples of custom built labels here.

For more information and guidance on how to become GHS compliant give us a call or and request a 7 day free trial.


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