Customer Testimonial: Hood Sales and Service

By: Erica Glenn | January 28, 2016


Our customers inspire us, help us develop and grow, and bring us great joy and humility as we hear testimonials about their experiences using ChemScribe®. One customer, David Hood of Hood Sales and Service, had much to say about his company’s results with our GHS-compliant label-generating software; and we thought we would share his comments in today’s blog post.

Focus Systems™ (FS): What made you believe that ChemScribe® was the best software for your company?
Hood Sales and Service (HSS): It’s simple and easy-to-use as far as converting MSDS to SDS, and generated most everything without much intervention or rewriting.

FS: What, specifically, is your favorite aspect of ChemScribe® and why?
HSS: Once you get all the info in the system and you need to print an SDS, it’s just a few clicks to print the SDS or the label. It’s fast. You select your product and hit the print button.

FS: What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from purchasing ChemScribe®?
HSS: Transferring all the MSDS info into ChemScribe® helped me learn more about GHS compliance, and it gives me a better understanding of my products from a toxological and HMIS standpoint other than just being GHS complaint.

FS: How has LabelPro™ helped your company in producing GHS-compliant labels?
HSS: Select the size of the label and product you want and hit the print button – simple and easy as well. Drop down menu makes it easy to select.

FS: What has your experience with Customer Service at Focus Systems™ been like?
HSS: Good experience. [There have been] a couple upgrades. Sep has been really good walking me through some of my unknowns on how to get me up-to-speed. They didn’t just sell me the product and send me on my way; they really helped me learn to operate the software.

FS: Tell me about your overall satisfaction rate with Focus Systems™/ChemScribe®/LabelPro™?
HSS: Everyone has been really good. Jack has a wealth of information about the industry. Their system was built around a need they had; and it is well-put-together and very user-friendly.

FS: If you were to recommend us to a business colleague, what would you say?
HSS: If you are looking for a product to help you get GHS compliant without a big learning curve, ChemScribe® is something well worth looking at.

FS: If a potential client was on the fence about whether to purchase ChemScribe® or not, what would you say to them?
HSS: Since the GHS-complaint deadline has passed, I used it to get complaint. It’s simple and easy, and there is not a lot of intervention because they have [done] all the back-end work and it compiles it all into the information you have to have. You can start from scratch and create an SDS in less than an hour. And that’s from someone who didn’t know anything about MSDS other than what it was before purchasing ChemScribe®.

FS: In three words how would you describe ChemScribe®?
HSS: It’s really GREAT!

We at Focus Systems™ are proud of our software, ChemScribe®, because it fills a void in the chemical industry for affordable, streamlined GHS-compliant software that can print labels and safety data sheets. We are confident that once you try it, you will be pleased with the results! If you already use ChemScribe®, contact us to let us know how it is working for you. We would love your feedback!


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