ChemScribe® Tip of the Week: Cloning

By: Sipriano Vidales, Business Development | Sept. 22, 2015


Did you know that ChemScribe® gives you the ability to clone a product? Instead of creating a product from scratch, you can clone a product that has already been created and classified, make the necessary adjustments, and in a few short minutes, have a completely new product! This feature is a huge time saver!

Read the instructions below; and I’ll walk you through the process of cloning a product.

1. From the Product tab, search for the product you wish to clone, either by Number or by Name.

2. Select the desired product to populate the Product form.

3. Click the New Product button.

4. The Add New Product form will open. 

5. Enter the New Product Number in the box provided.

6. Enter the New Product Name in the box provided.

7. Click the Clone Current Item button.

8. Validations will be performed by the application to ensure that a Product Number is not duplicated. 
a. A message will be displayed to inform the user of success or failure. 
b. User clicks OK. 

9. The Add New Product form will close. The Product form will refresh to display the newly added product.

10. The new product will have all properties, classification records, and product statements duplicated from the product that was cloned. Any changes may be made as needed for the new product.

11. From this point you click on the black Add button to add desired components and form your new product.

At Focus Systems, we realize how valuable your time is. ChemScribe® can save you time and hassle by allowing you to clone your products. This is just one of many time-saving features ChemScribe® offers. Stay tuned for the next Tip of the Week.


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