ChemScribe™ Software Update: Version 1.73.14

In our continuous efforts to improve the quality and flexibility of our software products, our team at Focus Systems is excited to inform you about our latest software update for ChemScribe. ChemScribe Version 1.73.14 is now available, bringing several new features and improvements. In this post, we will focus on two major improvements.

First, we have added “Other Shipping Information” to our Section Statements. This option gives you the ability to add bulk shipping information and the freedom …

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Understanding HAZCOM 2012 Part 3: OSHA v. DOT Hazard Labels…Who to follow?

Welcome to Part 3 of our Understanding HAZCOM 2012 series. If you're just now joining us, feel free to catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.

Are you ready to learn more about the revised GHS-compliant Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) 2012? As you know the new HCS requires labels to convey information about chemical hazards with quick visual notations to alert users immediately of any potential risk. What does this mean? In short it means GHS labels are required to have “warning” pictures or pictogr…

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Understanding GHS

At Focus Systems, we want to help your company reach GHS-compliance by providing education about GHS and tools for the implementation of the standard at your company. Our software product, ChemScribe, provides an easy and affordable way to implement compliance protocol; but do you understand the “method to the madness,” so to speak? Do you recognize what GHS is, and why its implementation is so important? Today, we are going back to the basics to remind everyone why the effort to become GHS comp…

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Understanding HAZCOM 2012: Part 2

Last week we discovered who is a manufacturer and who is a distributor under the new HAZCOM 2012 standard. Check out that blog post here.

This week, we will discuss what types of containers require GHS-compliant labeling under the new standard. You can’t achieve compliance if you don’t first understand which containers need compliant labels. The definition of “container” according to the standard is “any bag, barrel, bottle, box, can, cylinder, drum, reaction vessel, storage tank or the like th…

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Recap of ChemEdge 2015

This month, Focus Systems had the opportunity to exhibit at ChemEdge, NACD’s conference and trade show tailored for the chemical distribution industry. NACD always puts on a great show, and this year’s show in St. Louis, Missouri, did not disappoint. Since it was geared toward all things “operations” and “compliance,” we felt right at home! Here at Focus Systems, we consider compliance our highest priority, and we were delighted to showcase our new software product, ChemScribe.

The ChemEdge c…

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