Customer Testimonial: Hood Sales and Service

Our customers inspire us, help us develop and grow, and bring us great joy and humility as we hear testimonials about their experiences using ChemScribe®. One customer, David Hood of Hood Sales and Service, had much to say about his company’s results with our GHS-compliant label-generating software; and we thought we would share his comments in today’s blog post.

Focus Systems™ (FS): What made you believe that ChemScribe® was the best software for your company?
Hood Sales and Service (HSS): It’s…

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GHS Chemical Labeling Compliance Deadline Was December 1, 2015

Another OSHA deadline has officially come and gone. As of December 1, 2015, all chemical containers should be shipped with GHS-compliant labels. If you are a distributor and you still have stock with non-GHS labels, those labels must be updated. If you are an end user and you receive a container with a noncompliant label after December 1st, you should request a compliant label from the distributor. Are your labels for in-stock items up to date?

GHS compliant labels must include the following:

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ChemScribe® Tip of the Week: Cloning

Did you know that ChemScribe® gives you the ability to clone a product? Instead of creating a product from scratch, you can clone a product that has already been created and classified, make the necessary adjustments, and in a few short minutes, have a completely new product! This feature is a huge time saver!

Read the instructions below; and I’ll walk you through the process of cloning a product.

1. From the Product tab, search for the product you wish to clone, either by Number or by Name.

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GHS Labeling

We hope you have found our blog posts over the past couple of weeks helpful as we have tried to provide education about the new requirements for chemical-distribution businesses that are now based on the Global Harmonization System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). In today’s post, we will further discuss what is required in labeling according to this new standard.

As you are aware, OSHA has updated the requirements for labeling hazardous chemicals under its Hazard Communicatio…

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Understanding HAZCOM 2012 Part 4: Safety Data Sheets

Over the last several weeks, we have focused our attention on labeling under the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) 2012. We have reviewed how the HCS 2012 has changed not only the format of product labels, but also how we view containers. Another major change is the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS). I hope everyone is aware that there is no longer a document known as a Material Safety Data Sheet, or MSDS. We now have the standardized, 16-section SDS with strict ordering. So what does this conversio…

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